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What Others Are Saying About Coletta’s Coaching
  • “I gained a sense of motivation to really move forward.  Actually, I kind of knew that I needed to do some of the things I heard, but I have more motivation to do it.  Moving forward is an urge for me to be and do what God has called me to do.” -Anonymous
  • “The ‘Getting Unstuck and Moving Forward in Life’ session was definitely something I needed for a start.  I really didn’t know how to put things in perspective and the questions to ask myself.  Thanks for the insight.” – O.W.
  • “The ‘Getting Unstuck and Moving Forward in Life’ session helped me to know that I’m on track to move forward, but also very specifically pointed out keys to getting there that are very tangible.  This was very helpful.” -Anonymous
What Others Are Saying About Antonio’s Speaking 
  • “After hearing Mr. Patterson speak on ‘The State of the Black Male’, I wanted to hear a lot more from him.” -Anonymous
  • “Mr. Patterson’s presentation on ‘The State of the Black Male’ was off the charts!” – M.H.
  • “Rev. Patterson’s message at our Youth Day service was like nothing I had ever heard before!  I wished I had taped it so I could hear it over and over again.” – M.F.
  • “Rev. Patterson is truly inspiring!” – D.W.
What Others Are Saying About Coletta’s Speaking
  • “Great message you gave on the fact that we are God’s Masterpiece!  Every woman in Kosciusko should have heard this.  What a blessing to know I am His masterpiece, and He is making me more beautiful everyday…” – S.G.
  • “I hosted a ladies’ event, ‘An Evening in the Sand’, and Coletta spoke about dreams.  She encouraged them to never give up through speaking the Word of God and giving life examples that gave us hope and a desire to dream!  Thank you, Coletta!” – R.R.

What Others Are Saying About Developing Faith that Wins: Stories of My Journey

  • I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to strengthen their faith. Coletta Patterson uses real life stories and scenarios to show how God moves and works in our lives when we trust Him completely. If you are struggling with allowing God to have control of your life, or just simply want some encouragement along your faith journey, I urge you to get a copy today! It’s an easy read that would also make a great companion to a bible study or devotion. Thank you Coletta, for speaking words of truth and faith into the hearts of others. -Vanessa Mays
  • I completed your journey to marriage [chapter] and completed the questions at the end. I enjoy this portion because it gave me an opportunity to personalize it for myself. Truly I wish every single young lady to adult could read that testimony. Many times my daughters dated boys wondering if this is the “one” God put in their path. Then broke it a few weeks later. So many broken hearts trying to find the “one”. I needed for them to read this 6 years ago. -Alisha George
  • I just bought this book. I’m only on page 26 and already am so impressed and uplifted by the testimony and faith of Coletta Patterson. This is a great read for anyone who needs a faith booster. Her testimony of how she handled being single is one every young unmarried girl could draw from. Thank you Coletta for this amazing book. -Diane Young
  • Just finished the book yesterday and it was truly an inspiration to me! Each one of us has a journey, each one of us has a story to tell to inspire someone! Congratulations Coletta Jones Patterson, on a job well done!!! Thank you!!! -Shelley Dodd

What Others Are Saying About The Five Week Marriage Tune Up

  • “The Tune Up Exercises made us discuss topics that we have left under the rug and it gave us time together.” -Anonymous
  • “The Tune Up Exercises benefited my marriage…much more communication going on and much more intimacy happening.” -Anonymous
  •  “The Tune Up Exercises allowed me to open up where my faults were and own them in order for repairs and rebuilding to occur.” -Anonymous
  •  “The Tune Up Exercises benefited my marriage…we talk more openly and I listen more.” -Anonymous

What Others Are Saying About God’s Masterpiece: Weaving Together the Pieces of Your Life

  • “Having taught nearly 40 years, I’ve seen untold numbers of women struggle with the role & responsibility of being a wife, mother, & a woman with goals. They have often felt and been taught that they have to settle for one or the other. This book reflects where women are today and how they can be Godly wives, outstanding mothers and accomplish their dreams with exceeding effectiveness.  After reading the book, I bought five copies for my friends.” –E.J.
  • “Beautifully written and touches the heart!  It boldly conveys the message of “the Proverbs 31 woman”, which is overlooked in today’s society of me, myself, and I.” – R.R.
  • God’s Masterpiece is off the chain!  I can’t put it down!  Every woman of God needs to read it.” – M.H.
  • “Reading this book makes me want to read more and draw as close to God and His Word as I can.” – K.B.