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Leadership Development Workshops are available to assist leaders or those who desire to develop their leadership potential. Customized workshops are designed to reveal your greatest potential as a leader as well as tips in working with various age groups or people groups. Curricula are available to assist pastors, educators, and business/community leaders. Additionally, Antonio & Coletta are available to facilitate staff development workshops, staff retreats, various team-building activities or a teen leadership academy.

Marriage Enrichment Seminars/Conferences are available to assist married couples in achieving God’s best in their marriage.  Seminars are interactive and based on biblical principles that are applicable in life.  Sessions include: Keeping the Romance Alive in Marriage, Finances God’s Way, What Every Man Wants/What Every Woman Wants, Raising Godly Children, Communication, Trust & Respect and many others.  Seminars can be arranged for any length of time or presented in a retreat or conference setting.  Additionally, The Five Week Marriage Tune Up curriculum is available to complement these sessions or as an optional one-day event.

Teen/Youth Development Seminars are available to instill character, leadership and valuable life skills to youth from all walks of life.  Seminars encourage discussion and empower youth to embrace their unique talents in fulfilling their purpose.  Teens are challenged not to settle for an “at least mentality” but to compete and excel in all areas.  Seminars can be arranged for any length of time or packaged for a one-day rally or two-day conference.

“Rev. Patterson’s message at our Youth Day service was like nothing I had ever heard before!  I wished I had taped it so I could hear it over and over again.” – M.F.