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Educational Consultations are designed for schools to equip administrators and teachers to implement best practice strategies in the classroom.  Antonio has expertise in working with re-testers for state testing in science, particularly those in low-performing schools.  Consultations are also available to assist teachers in implementing technology to their advantage for use in the classroom.  Antonio’s students have a 90% pass rate and over 50% are proficient or advanced.

Small Business Start-Up Consultations are designed to empower entrepreneurs with counsel and expertise in starting a successful business or non-profit organization with topics ranging from developing a business plan, setting up financial accounts/simple accounting, marketing, publicity, strategic planning, and business administration.  These consultations are designed to empower entrepreneurs with tools necessary to grow your idea into a thriving business.

Youth Advocacy Development Consultations are available to assist individuals, churches or organizations who desire to implement a youth development program or mentoring organization.  Through Antonio and Coletta’s years of experience in founding a successful nonprofit teen mentoring organization, individuals will be equipped with tools to start and lead a thriving youth development organization.  Best practices include developing a business model, completing necessary paperwork, starting with minimal resources, recruiting participants, rallying parental and community support, planning meaningful activities/trips, tracking participants and fundraising.