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About Us

Antonio & Coletta Patterson founded MoveU4ward in 2010 to assist people in achieving their desired results through education, motivation, leadership training and individualized coaching and mentoring. Success is relative to each individual which is why we endeavor to create a personalized solution that will propel you to your God-given destiny.  Through personalized guidance and mentoring, individualized life coaching, and powerful resources we are committed to seeing you achieve your best.

patterson-37Antonio Patterson
is a sought-after educator, motivational speaker, consultant and pastor who is passionate about helping others achieve success. Through his diverse experiences working with students in the Mississippi Delta, on a Choctaw Indian Reservation and at a Christian Boarding School, he is trained to develop the potential within each student.  He excels in transforming apathetic students into proficient learners.  Antonio is also the founding pastor of Kingdom Life Church, a non-denominational, non-traditional fellowship of believers in Kosciusko, MS which teaches biblical principles of how to experience life in the Kingdom.  Kingdom Life Church has hosted several community outreaches over the years which have grown to impact hundreds of families–especially low income or underprivileged families.  Additionally, he is the founder and CEO of The Exodus Project—a teen mentoring organization in Central Mississippi which has assisted over 100 youth in graduating from high school and enrolling in college.  The program has less than 5% teen pregnancy rate and less than 5% high school drop out rate.  Participants include college students majoring in culinary arts, biology, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, political science, elementary education and others.  The program also has students who are now in law school and doctoral programs.  Antonio received the Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Tougaloo College.  He is a frequent speaker at youth and community events as well as church events. With his 20+ years of educational and ministry experiences, he brings simple but powerful truths and motivational guidance to help people of all ages find their destiny. Additionally, Antonio is a gifted musician and producer and amateur body-builder/former personal trainer.  He also co-authored The Five Week Marriage Tune Up.  Through Antonio’s “real talk” and wisdom beyond his years, you will discover your unique gifts, talents and abilities and how to use them to earn success.

patterson-3Coletta J. Patterson is a published author, business woman, certified personal development coach and speaker.  She is also the Co-Founder of Kingdom Life Church and The Exodus Project—a teen mentoring program in Central Mississippi.  She received the Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Tougaloo College and a Master of Business Administration from the Sam Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas.  With 15+ years experience working with youth and adults, Coletta brings simple truths that anyone can follow for success. With expertise in marketing, business administration, program and leadership development in the for-profit and non-profit sectors, she enjoys helping others become great leaders. Over the years, she has coached many to achieving their desired results.  Coletta also provides business development consultations to small business owners.  One of her proudest moments was running the Mississippi Blues Marathon in January 2011. Through this endeavor, she learned the power of discipline and trusting God to complete the work He began. Coletta believes many people sell themselves short and place limits on their lives. With hard work, faith in God and a desire to excel, people can achieve their highest dreams. Coletta is married to Antonio Patterson and is the mother of three children.  Coletta’s latest book is Developing Faith that Wins: Stories of My Journey which inspires others to use their faith in getting their desired results.  Through her first book, God’s Masterpiece: Weaving Together the Pieces of Your Life, she engages women on a personal journey to finding their purpose in life. Coletta has also co-authored The Five Week Marriage Tune Up which engages couples on a personal journey to enhance their relationship. She is also a weekly BLOG writer for theWRITEaddiction.  Through Coletta’s “down-to-earth” personality and insightful wisdom, you will be encouraged and given resources to achieve your best.